Would you like to read Chapter 1 of my upcoming novel, Dead Man’s Hand, which is Book 1 of the Reviva Las Vegas! trilogy?

Of course you would. Click on the cover for all the zombie goodness!

Greetings, People of Earth!

Have you heard the "Good News"? I finally remembered my password for my Web page! (What, was there something else?) Anyway, I'm quite chuffed to keep all y'all updated on the goings-on in my life, mind, and writing "career." (Irony quotes make us cry less. Discuss.) Check out the ABOUT ME! page to get so up close and personal we'll need to share a Valtrex prescription.

See MY BOOKS! for the always growing rundown of my published work from novels to short stories to the occasional poem to the rare but not nonexistent holdup note. LITERARY SERVICES! is for those folks who might like a wee bit of fiction coaching or copy editing, and MY BLOG! has the latest on what's happening with me. The ENVELOPE! is to email me -- I love the email -- and ZOMBIES! is, of course, about supply-side economic theory as put forth bNO, IT'S ABOUT ZOMBIES, obviously, including my clip file and links to my iTune U lectures on our undead friends. Whatever page you're on, click on the green, green grass of the banner at the top to return here (except for the blog, which opens in a new window).

Have a look around, have fun, and maybe even drop me a line if you're not too busy with the drinking and the dancing and the carrying on.

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